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Lotto Winner receives prize!

Gerald Sugrue of Kenneigh, Caheciveen winner of the draw on 30th January 2011 received his cheque for €3,000 from members of the commitee shown here in the photo (l to r) Kevin O'Sullivan, David Anthony Breen, James White, Gerald Sugrue and Patrick O'Donoghue.


2010 - the year in review ( well sort of )

Below are solely the thoughts of the Club PRO and Derrynane GAA Club has no liability whatsoever for, or association with, the thoughts expressed.

Player of the Year - Michael O'Connor/Donal Galvin.

Best young prospect - Morgan O'Donoghue.

Veteran of the Year - John 'Lar' O'Shea.

Best Trainer - Dee Corridan.

Best underage player - Anna Galvin.

Success of the Year - girls winning the South Kerry U14 and nice celebrations/bonfire at the cross afterwards too.

Honour of the Year - Anna Galvin captaining Kerry U16s to the All-Ireland Final - a great achievement of which both the club and Anna can be justly proud.

Game of the Year - Derrynane at home to Skellig Rangers - will live forever in the memories of those who were lucky enough to witness it, especially that explosive first half!

Worst defeat of the year - St.Pat's away - no need to say more.

Sweetest victory - Keel away, dug deep to win by a point and gain two precious points.

Game should have won but..... - Waterville away, we were comfortably in control at half-time, but threw it away, season turned for the worse on that result.

Team performance of the year – Derrynane/Sneem at home to Beaufort and Derrynane at home to Sk. Rangers.

Individual performance of the year - Michael O'Connor v Listowel Emmets and David Breen v Sk. Rangers.

Best score of the year - Morgan O'Donoghue's goal back in Bally. It had everything you would wish for. Built from the back with flowing teamwork and a superb individual strike to finish it off.

Special Merit Mention - Michael Donnelly, who travelled the County in all weathers to bring the gear to training sessions, without that sort of committment there would be no training. Also, Patrick o'Donoghue who made it to sessions and challenge games all over the place despite a very gruelling work schedule.

Best Delivery of the Year - John Joe's of course, pick the day yourselves.

Cross of the year - Caherdaniel on New Year's Eve, mighty by all accounts - let's hope this becomes a fixture on the local calendar.

Pass of the year - very poor standard, most I heard were of the 'Do you come here often?' type - come on lads, ye will have to better than that!

Miss of the Year - Miss ......., gentlemanly discretion of course ensures that ye shall remain nameless!

Best Post-match Craic of the year - Red Fox after the Cromane game, followed by drive back to the Beach Bar in the glorious sunshine, South Kerry stunning in all its resplendent glory, sitting outside the Beach Bar, drink n craic flowing, great company, like being on the Med and then late in the night carrying on to ...??? ( need some help here!)

Fun Trip of Year - the challenge in Knocknagree, charming place and a good night in Killarney afterwards.

Best sing song of year - Piper post AGM and Freddies on Billy's 50th.

Best scorekeeper - Tom Corridan, despite the odd hiccup when doublejobbing!

Best linesman - our all omnipresent and omnipotent CHAIRMAN.

Best umpire - Paul O'Sullivan.

Worst t-shirt slogans - Paul O'Sullivan ( does he care!).

Best Timekeeper - Seamus Galvin ( obviously, I am referring to time keeping of the scores in matches for the PRO, not HIS timekeeping!).

Best Gateman - Eddie O'Donoghue, as hard to get by as in his playing days!

Best Pitch of the Year - Derrynane of course. Well done Chris and James. And let's hope we hear no more silly talk from some of our own players about not wanting to play games there in 2011. If you can't perform on a surface like that then you can't perform at all.

Worst Venue of the Year - Portmagee of course. How many games did we lose back there and crashed out of 2/3 competitions there. Not a lucky venue for us!

Best Support of the Year - the crowd we took to Waterville was truly massive. What a pity they didn't get the result they deserved.

Best Supporters of the year - Maurice O'Sullivan and Jim Dwyer.

Splash of the Year - the mini tsunami that engulfed the poor PRO while dutifully cycling on a filthy day to put up match posters. Sincere apologies are still awaited and can only be received in the form of Guinness - lots of it!

Outfit of the Year - has to be the dazzling array of shirts with which we took to the pitch in Glenbeigh - pity the team's performance wasn't as dazzling!

Funniest Moment of the Year - David Breen trying to catch up with the fast accelerating Adam Corridan on Family Day in Derrynane and the sly way Adam took revenge by tripping Breeno and sending him sprawling - shades of the grandfather and the uncle in times past!

Inspiring Moment of Year - the way young Osin Breen and Jim Clifford tore up the field in the three-legged race, like minature wound-up robots to leave many older and bigger folk straggling in their wake! Sheer class!

Spacers of the Year - Our young group in Scor who had a wonderful idea that sadly never got off the ground!

Chant of the Year - never heard but...

'Come all without, come all within,
You'll not see nothing like the mighty Galvin'

Many more where that came from if interested – No, well never mind.

Well done to all, far too numerous to mention, ye know who ye are, who played a part, no matter how small, in keeping the club on the road for another year. Give yourselves a big pat on the back, you deserve it. The club is the heartbeat of the community, providing us with so much entertainment on and off the field, so I wopuld appeal to everyone to make an extra big effort in 2011, which could be a trying year, to keep the club going well on all fronts.

' On and On together
Through all stormy weather
We'll fly the Black and Amber High
Derrynane will never die!'

A very healthy and prosperous New Year to all.

Come on Dernawn!

The 2010 Derrynane GAA Dance

The Derrynane GAA Dance on Friday night was a big success.

The Scarriff Inn provided a fine meal with bountiful portions from a very hardworking and generous staff! Chairman Patrick O'Donoghue hosted proceedings with ease. Michael Clifford, uncle of selector Barry, received the Hall of Fame award and Donal Galvin was nominated for player of the year. The O'Sheas played a fine mix of music that catered to all tastes and led to some very sprightly dancing,while others congregated at the bar to recount playing days of yore! Everybody enjoyed a fine night.

 2010 Family Fun Day

Now in its third year, the ‘Fun Day’ proved a big success again and thankfully the rain held off until the end. Everybody enjoyed the entertainment. As usual the ‘tots’ race provided the most laughs, not least a lightening start by Adam Corridan that left all others in his wake and David Breen struggled to catch up with him to haul him back to the start, causing deep upset over at the burger stand! In the three-legged race, the pairing of Osín Breen and Jim Clifford left many longer legs straggling behind them as they cut a fine dash down the course, showing that training does pay off, senior footballers please note! All the events went off well, with the bale-rolling finishing off the races, and the outcome of that seemed to very much depend on which of the two bales you got! Barry Clifford took up position in goal for the penalty competition and while well beaten by youngsters like Iarla O’Shea, Lea Turner and Paddy O’Donnell he also
 pulled off some fine saves, especially against the adults. The day finished off with a good game of football in the ‘Paddy O’Donoghue Memorial Competition’ between two teams from the National School. The team captained by Christopher O’Sullivan narrowly won a riveting game of thrills and spills and all players were presented with medals afterwards.
So well done to all who took part and everybody who helped organise and gave of their time for a wonderful day. Full details will appear in the Caherdaniel notes next week.

Family Day Results

Tiny Tots: 1) Conall Cournane  2) Lucy Lynch  3) Adam Corridan

Girls U6 – 40m / 1- Cliona Lynch 2- Ellie Cournane 3- Niamh O’Leary
Boys U6 – 40m / 1- Daragh O’Sullivan 2- Oisín Breen 3- Jim Clifford

Girls U8 – 60m / 1-Marie O’Sullivan 2-Anna Kate Cournane 3- Abbie O’Sullivan
Boys U8 – 60m / 1-Cathal McCarthy 2- Thomas Brosnan 3- Casey Etherton

Girls U10 – 60m / 1- Siofra O’Shea 2- Eilish Galvin 3- Marie O’Sullivan
Boys U10 – 60m / 1- Eoin  Deavy 2- Iarla O’Shea 3- Fintan O’Sullivan

Girls U12 – 100m / 1-Grace Turner 2- Róisín Galvin 3- Abby Fayen
Boys U12 – 100m / 1-Eoin Deavy 2-Conor O’Donoghue 3- Jonathan Gadeyne

Girls U14 – 200m / 1- Louise Galvin 2- Grace Etherton 3- Emer Galvin
Boys U14 – 200m / 1- Christopher O’Sullivan 2- Michael Corridan

Girls U16 – 200m / 1- Noelle Galvin 2- Emer Galvin
Boys U16 – 200m / 1- Pádraig McGillicuddy 2- Kevin O’Sullivan 3- Michael Galvin

Boys U16 – 600m / 1-Kevin O’Sullivan 2- Pádraig McGillicuddy 3- Michael Galvin

Three-Legged Race
Girls 60m  / 1-Grace Turner/Abby Fayen 2- Emer/Róisín Galvin
3-Noelle Galvin/Sonia O’Donoghue
Boys 60m / 1- Jim Clifford/Oisín Breen 2- Anthony Casey/Kevin O’Sullivan
3- Daragh/Fintan O’Sullivan

Wheelbarrow Race 40m
1- Clodagh O’Donoghue/Asha Fayen 2- Síofra O’Shea/Abby Fayen
3- Grace Turner/Anna Kate Cournane

Potato & Spoon Race 40m
1-Clodagh O’Donoghue 2- Orla Fayen 3- Grace Turner

Piggy Back Race 40m
1- Adam/Deirdre Corridan  2- Evie/Tom Morris 3- Tom/Barry Clifford

Father’s & Mother’s Race 100m
1- David Breen   2 – Sam Healy
1 – Deirdre Corridan   2- Rachel Murphy  3- Rhona Lynch

Bale Rolling Race
1-Barry Clifford/Donal Galvin/Michael White
1-Noel Donnelly/Tim Smith/ Larry Fayen

Penalty Competition Winners
Junior /  Pádraig McGillicuddy       Senior/ David Breen