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Lotto Results

Next Lotto Draw:16th August 2015 @
Jackpot Value:€3,600
Venue:Bridie Keatings

Date of DrawJackpot ValueVenueJackpot Winner
9th August 2015€3,500The Blind PiperNo winner!
2nd August 2015€3,400FreddiesNo winner!
26th July 2015€3,300Staigue Fort HouseNo winner!
19th July 2015€3,200OCarrols CoveNo winner!
12th July 2015€3,100The Black ShopNo winner!
5th July 2015€3,000Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
28th June 2015€2,900The Blind PiperNo winner!
21st June 2015€2,800FreddiesNo winner!
14th June 2015€2,700Staigue Fort HouseNo winner!
8th June 2015€2,600No winner!
1st June 2015€2,500No winner!
24th May 2015€2,400BridiesNo winner!
17th May 2015€2,300FreddiesNo winner!
10th May 2015€2,200The Blind PiperNo winner!
3rd May 2015€2,100OCarrolls CoveNo winner!
26th April 2015€2,000The Black ShopNo winner!
19th April 2015€9,900Bridie KeatingsBob Chef
12th April 2015€9,800Staigue Fort HouseNo winner!
5th April 2015€9,700FreddiesNo winner!
29th March 2015€9,600The Blind PiperNo winner!
22nd March 2015€9,500The Black ShopNo winner!
15th March 2015€9,400Staigue Fort HouseNo winner!
8th March 2015€9,300BridiesNo winner!
1st March 2015€9,200FreddiesNo winner!
1st March 2015€9,200FreddiesNo winner!
22nd February 2015€9,100The Blind PiperNo winner!
15th February 2015€9,000The Black ShopNo winner!
8th February 2015€8,900Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
1st February 2015€8,800No winner!
25th January 2015€8,700FreddiesNo winner!
18th January 2015€8,600No winner!
12th January 2015€8,500The Black ShopNo winner!
5th January 2015€8,400Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
28th December 2014€8,300Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
21st December 2014€8,200FreddiesNo winner!
14th December 2014€8,100The Blind PiperNo winner!
7th December 2014€8,000The Black ShopNo winner!
30th November 2014€7,900Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
23rd November 2014€7,800BridiesNo winner!
16th November 2014€7,700FreddiesNo winner!
9th November 2014€7,600No winner!
2nd November 2014€7,500The Black ShopNo winner!
26th October 2014€7,400Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
26th October 2014€7,400Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
19th October 2014No winner!
12th October 2014€7,300FreddiesNo winner!
5th October 2014€7,100The Blind PiperNo winner!
28th September 2014€7,000The Black ShopNo winner!
21st September 2014€6,900Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
14th September 2014€6,800Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
7th September 2014€6,700Derrynane HotelNo winner!
31st August 2014€6,600FreddiesNo winner!
18th August 2014€6,400OCarrols CoveNo winner!
10th August 2014€6,300The Black ShopNo winner!
3rd August 2014€6,200No winner!
27th July 2014€6,100Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
20th July 2014€6,000Derrynane HotelNo winner!
13th July 2014€5,900FreddiesNo winner!
7th July 2014€5,800The Blind PiperNo winner!
30th June 2014€5,700The Black ShopNo winner!
22nd June 2014€5,600OCarrols CoveNo winner!
15th June 2014€5,500Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
8th June 2014€5,400Bridie KeatingNo winner!
1st June 2014€5,300Derrynane HotelNo winner!
1st June 2014No winner!
25th May 2014€5,200The Blind PiperNo winner!
18th May 2014€5,100FreddiesNo winner!
11th May 2014€5,000OCarrols CoveNo winner!
4th May 2014€4,900Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
27th April 2014€4,800The Blind PiperNo winner!
20th April 2014€4,700Bridie KeatingNo winner!
13th April 2014€4,600The Black ShopNo winner!
6th April 2014€4,500OCarrolls CoveNo winner!
30th March 2014€4,400Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
23rd March 2014€4,300FreddiesNo winner!
16th March 2014€4,200FreddiesNo winner!
2nd March 2014€4,000The Black ShopNo winner!
23rd February 2014€3,900OCarrolls CoveNo winner!
16th February 2014€3,800Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
9th February 2014€3,700The Blind PiperNo winner!
2nd February 2014€3,600FreddiesNo winner!
26th January 2014€3,500Bridie KeatingNo winner!
19th January 2014€3,400The Black ShopNo winner!
22nd December 2013€3,000FreddiesNo winner!
15th December 2013€2,900Bridie KeatingNo winner!
8th December 2013€2,800The Black ShopNo winner!
1st December 2013€2,700O'Carrol's CoveNo winner!
25th November 2013€2,600Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
17th November 2013€2,500The Blind PiperNo winner!
10th November 2013€2,400FreddiesNo winner!
3rd November 2013€2,300Bridie Keating'sNo winner!
27th October 2013€2,200The Black ShopNo winner!
20th October 2013€2,100O'Carrol's CoveNo winner!
13th October 2013€2,000Blind PiperNo winner!
6th October 2013€5,700Johny Fitzgerald, Staigue
29th September 2013€5,600Staigus Fort HotelNo winner!
22nd September 2013€5,500No winner!
15th September 2013€5,400The Blind PiperNo winner!
8th September 2013€5,300Derrynane HotelNo winner!
1st September 2013€5,200No winner!
25th August 2013€5,100The Black ShopNo winner!
18th August 2013€5,000No winner!
11th August 2013€4,900No winner!
4th August 2013€4,800Derrynane HotelNo winner!
28th July 2013€4,700Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
21st July 2013€4,600FreddiesNo winner!
14th July 2013€4,500Derrynane HotelNo winner!
8th July 2013€4,400O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
1st July 2013€4,300The Blind PiperNo winner!
23rd June 2013€4,200The Balck ShopNo winner!
16th June 2013€4,100Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
9th June 2013€4,000Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
2nd June 2013€3,900Derrynane HotelNo winner!
26th May 2013€3,800FreddiesNo winner!
19th May 2013€3,700O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
12th May 2013€3,600The Blind PiperNo winner!
5th MAy 2013€3,500The Black ShopNo winner!
28th April 2013€3,400Bridie Keating'sNo winner!
21st April 2013€3,300Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
14th April 2013€3,200FreddiesNo winner!
7th April 2013€3,100O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
31st March 2013€3,000The Blind PiperNo winner!
24th March 2013€2,900The Black ShopNo winner!
17th March 2013€2,800Bridie Keating'sNo winner!
10th March 2013€2,700Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
3rd March 2013€2,600FreddiesNo winner!
24th February 2013€2,500O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
18th February 2013€2,400The Blind PiperNo winner!
11th February 2013€2,300The Black ShopNo winner!
4th February 2013€2,200No winner!
27th January 2013€2.100The Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
20th January 2013€2,000No winner!
13th January 2013€5,600Timmy O'Shea
6th January 2013€5,500The Blind PiperNo winner!
30th December 2012€5,400The Black ShopNo winner!
23rd December 2012€5,300No winner!
16th December 2012€5,200The Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
9th December 2012€5,100No winner!
2nd December 2012€5,000O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
25th November 2012€4,900The Blind PiperNo winner!
18th November 2012€4,800The BlackShopNo winner!
11th November 2012€4,700Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
4th November 2012€4,600Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
28th October 2012€4,500FreddiesNo winner!
21st October 2012€4,400No winner!
14th October 2012€4,300The Blind PiperNo winner!
7th October 2012€4,200The Black ShopNo winner!
30th September 2012€4,100No winner!
23th September 2012€4,000No winner!
16th September 2012€3,900FreddiesNo winner!
9th September 2012€3,800Derrynane HotelNo winner!
2nd September 2012€3,700O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
26th August 2012€3,600The Blind PiperNo winner!
20th August 2012€3,500The Black ShopNo winner!
13th August 2012€3,400Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
5th August 2012€3,300Derrynane HotelNo winner!
30th July 2012€3,200The Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
23th July 2012€3,100FreddiesNo winner!
16th July 2012€3,000O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
9th July 2012€2,900The Blind PiperNo winner!
2nd July 2012€2,800The Black ShopNo winner!
2nd July 2012€2,800The Black ShopNo winner!
24th June 2012€2,700Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
17th June 2012€2,600Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
10th June 2012€2,500FreddiesNo winner!
3rdJune 2012€2,400Derrynane HotelNo winner!
27th May 2012€2,300O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
20th May 2012€2,200Scarriff InnNo winner!
13th May 2012€2,100The Black ShopNo winner!
6th May 2012€2,000Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
29th April 2012€8,400Staigue Fort HotelMary O'Farrell, Bracaragh
22nd April 2012€8,300FreddiesNo winner!
15th April 2012€8,200O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
8th April 2012€8,100The Black ShopNo winner!
1st April 2012€8,000No winner!
25th March 2012€7,900No winner!
18th March 2012No winner!
11th March 2012€7,700FreddiesNo winner!
4th March 2012€7,600O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
26th February 2012€7,500The Blind PiperNo winner!
19th February 2012€7,400The Black ShopNo winner!
19th February 2012€7,400The Black ShopNo winner!
12th February 2012€7,300Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
5th February 2012€7,200Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
29th January 2012€7,100FreddiesNo winner!
22nd January 2012€7,000O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
15th January 2012€6,900The Blind PiperNo winner!
8th January 2012€6,800The Black ShopNo winner!
1st january 2012€6,700Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
26th December 2011€6,600Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
18th December 2011€6,500FreddiesNo winner!
11th December 2011€6,400O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
4th December 2011€6,300The Blind PiperNo winner!
27th November 2011€6,200The Black ShopNo winner!
20th November 2011€6,100Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
13th November 2011€6,000Staigue FortNo winner!
6th November 2011€5,900FreddiesNo winner!
30th October 2011€5,800O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
23rd October 2011€5,700The Black ShopNo winner!
16th October 2011€5,600The Black ShopNo winner!
9th October 2011€5,500Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
2nd October 2011€5,400Staigue FortNo winner!
25th September 2011€5,300FreddiesNo winner!
18th September 2011€5,200Derrynane HotelNo winner!
11th September 2011€5,100O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
4th September 2011€5,000The Blind PiperNo winner!
28th August 2011€4,900Black ShopNo winner!
21st August 2011€4,800Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
14th August 2011€4,700Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
7th August 2011€4,600FreddiesNo winner!
31st July 2011€4,500Derrynane HotelNo winner!
24th July 2011€4,400The Blind PiperNo winner!
17th July 2011€4,300The Scarriff InnNo winner!
10th July 2011€4,200The Black ShopNo winner!
4th July 2011€4,100Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
26th June 2011€4,000Staigue FortNo winner!
19th June 2011€3,900FreddiesNo winner!
12th June 2011€3,800Derrynane HotelNo winner!
6th June 2011€3,700Blind PiperNo winner!
29th May 2011€3,600Blind PiperNo winner!
22nd May 2011€3,500Blind PiperNo winner!
15th May 2011€3,400The Black ShopNo winner!
8th May 2011€3,300Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
1st May 2011€3,200Derrynane HotelNo winner!
25th April 2011€3,100O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
17th April 2011€3,000The Blind PiperNo winner!
10th April 2011€2,900The Blind PiperNo winner!
3rd April 2011€2,800The Black ShopNo winner!
27th March 2011€2,700Staigue Fort Hotel No winner!
20th March 2011€2,600FreddiesNo winner!
13th March 2011€2,500The Blind PiperNo winner!
6th March 2011€2,400The Black ShopNo winner!
27th February 2011€2,300No winner!
20th February 2011€2,200FreddiesNo winner!
13th February€2,100The Blind PiperNo winner!
6th February 2011€2,000No winner!
30th January 2011€3,000Staigue Fort HotelGerald Sugrue, Kenneigh, Caherciveen
23rd January 2011€2,900FreddiesNo winner!
16th January 2011€2,800O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
9th January 2011€2,700Blind PiperNo winner!
2nd January 2011€2,600The Black ShopNo winner!
26th December 2010€2,500Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
19th December 2010€2,400FreddiesNo winner!
12th December 2010€2,300O'Carrol's CoveNo winner!
5th December 2010€2,200The Blind PiperNo winner!
28th November 2010€2,100The Black ShopNo winner!
21st November 2010€2,000O'Carrol's CoveNo winner!
14th November 2010€1,900Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
7th November 2010€1,800Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
31st Octobber 2010€1,700The Blind PiperNo winner!
24th October 2010€1,600The Blind PiperNo winner!
17th October 2010€1,500The Black ShopNo winner!
10th October 2010€2,000Bridie KeatingsMarian O'Sullivan & Father Ryan
3rd October 2010€1,900Staigue Fort HotelNo winner!
26th September 2010€1,800FreddiesNo winner!
19th September 2010€1,700Derrynane HotelNo winner!
12th September 2010€1,600O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
5th September 2010€1,500Scarriff InnNo winner!
29th August 2010€3,800Sheila Berry
15th August 2010€3,500Staigue FortNo winner!
8th August 2010€3,500FreddiesNo winner!
1st August 2010€3,400Derrynane HotelNo winner!
26th July 2010€3,300O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
18th July 2010€3,200The Blind PiperNo winner!
11th July 2010€3,100The Scariff InnNo winner!
5th July 2010€3,000The Black ShopNo winner!
27th June 2010€2,900Bridie Keating'sNo winner!
20th June 2010€2,800Staigue FortNo winner!
13th June 2010€2,700Freddies BarNo winner!
6ht June 2010€2,600Derrynane HotelNo winner!
30th May 2010€2,500O'Carroll's CoveNo winner!
23rd May 2010€2,400The Blind PiperNo winner!
23rd May 2010€2,400The Blind PiperNo winner!
16th May 2010€2,300The Black ShopNo winner!
9th May 2010€2,200Bridie KeatingsNo winner!
2nd May 2010€2,100Staigue FortNo winner!
25th April€2,000FreddiesNo winner!
18th April 2010€1,900O'Carrol's CoveNo winner!
11th April 2010€1,800No winner!
5th April 2010€1,700Staigue FortNo winner!
28th March 2010€1,600Bridie Keating'sNo winner!
21st March 2010€1,500Staigue FortNo winner!
14th March 2010€5,300FreddiesGerard O'Leary & Sheila Galvin
7th March 2010€5,300O'Carrol's CoveNo winner!
28th February 2010€5,200Blind PiperNo winner!
21st February 2010€5,000No winner!
14th February 2010No winner!

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